Features of BurstCloud

Providing a wealth of premium cloud features

Access BurstCloud from anywhere!
Compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows PC's
Access BurstCloud from mobile too!

Compatible with Android and IOS

Control who can access your data.
Fine tuned access to content, with a private first mentality.
Sharing tools for you.
Share your content with your friends, family, or the world!
All Your Files
Store any file type!
BurstCloud accounts provide uploading, downloading, streaming, and sharing of files. No restrictions on file types or data content.
File Manager
Supports videos, pictures, audio, and text. Frequent updates will bring more file type support as well as more features.
More Great BurstCloud Features
Cloud Storage
With BurstCloud you are able to pick how much storage is suitable for all of your needs!
Server Management
BurstCloud takes care of all the hard work managing servers to store data.
By using our intuitive file manager and access controls, you can effectively monitor your Data.
Continually Tested
BurstCloud's systems are continuously tested and monitored at all times!
Error Reporting
BurstCloud's intelligent storage system identify and eliminate data errors before they happen.
With the Content Delivery Network feature we help deliver your content with high availability and high performance.
Rest-Based APIs make sure you are able to access your data from any where at any time.
BurstCloud analytics you will be able to get a look at stats and gain and edge for your business.
We help network your business so you can gain that critical advantage!
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