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Store and share data, access it from anywhere.

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From the smallest files, to the largest Cloud Compute task.

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Store and Share Data

BurstCloud offers an easy to use web based File Manager that can be accessed from anywhere

A valuable cloud that's safe and secure

You need a safe, secure and reliable place to store your data. BurstCloud Cloud Drive provides exactly this service. We offer free accounts to get started, a full-featured online interface and a guarantee we will keep your data safe!

Cloud Storage at a Glance

End to End Encryption for Maximum Security.
Support with real people for your peace of mind.
Change your plan any time.
Easy to use interface that is mobile friendly. No app needed!
Our cloud hosting is secure, reliable, time tested and ready for your needs.
Join a growing hosting service with a new view on how hosting should be done.
We believe in affordable cloud hosting for everyone.
We take care of our customers, join now and see what that means!
Select your pricing and plan on the next page.
Cancel any time.
10 years of development in storage technology and 6 years of public beta testing.

Download and Stream Files

BurstCloud's File Manager Comes Standard With the Ability to Download and Stream Files Securely.

Wondering about Cloud Storage by BurstCloud?

We have a combined 100 years of experience in the data hosting industry. Our systems have been built ground up with user experience, reliability, and performance as our top priorities.

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